Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What you are getting into:

-Its an awesome website that you to take 100% free offers and surveys to earn money. There is also prizes and contests. Also if you get stuck there is a forum for the community to discuss has been approved today. General questions, Forum Games, Payment Discussion, stuff along that nature. I'm even offering free help and assistance. To get my help with your money making journey click the above picture and email me :)

Still Not Interested?

Besides CashCrate having A LOT of great things. You will have me as your personal trainer or tutor. I will get you to your cash out stage. Even if it means I have to come to your house and help you, talking through E-mail and Facebook, or text messaging and calling. I will help you as you have done for me.

Also you will have your very own tutorial back up when things go bad. Add me as a subscriber to get updates weekly! Go here to my YouTube Channel.

CashCrate offers a few services like of the following:


August's Contest
Our contest this month will reward the top ten individuals who earn the most money from offers and daily surveys. All you have to do is be one of the top ten earners, and you're guaranteed at least a $25.00 bonus! See below for the whole prize structure.

July's Contest

June's contest is here! Bring in the summer with a nice boost to your check, just by doing what you do anyway--earning! This month we're giving away nice cash prizes to the top ten members who earn the most money doing offers and daily surveys. Check your placement on the Leaderboard in the Members Area. Good luck!

Not Just Offers Surveys Too!!

Daily Surveys
It is awesome because you can do more than just offers for money. You can take 2 daily surveys for 80 cents each. Now, if you qualify for every daily survey, thats $1.60 a day. Multiply that by 30 day and you already have $48 for the month!

Cash Back From Online Shopping!!

Anytime you go shopping from one of the stores listed on the site, you'll receive a percentage of your purchase back into your CashCrate account. Simply click on a store, purchase an item, and watch your CashCrate account for your rebate! We offer the highest cash back percentages on the net.


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